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#new #york #NY #centralpark

#new #york #NY #centralpark

She’s using every last ounce of hope she has.

She’s using every last ounce of hope she has.

Love is a Disease

     Have you ever been infected with “love”?  It is said that love is defined as an unconditional affection towards someone with no limits or conditions.  I see it more as an infectious, highly contagious disease.  Growing up we see all kinds of examples of love. With your family, with your friends, maybe even your pets. But I am talking relationship related love.  The kind of love you always heard stories about but never knew what it felt like until the love bug got to you.  Love is that kind of sickness that will hit you full force at the most unexpected times, with someone you may have never anticipated.

      This disease has many side effects that are commonly mistaken for other similar diseases.  Catching said “love” can make you more prone to heartbreak and doing things that you may have never thought you’d do for someone else.  If you are not equally affected by this disease as your significant other is, there is high chance for complications.  Some common side effects include: butterflies in your stomach, faster heartbeat, repetitive smiling, and chronic happiness.  It is no normal disease. You know you have caught the love bug when it has affected you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Your mind will be expanded to new levels and you will feel feelings you may have never known that you had, or could have prior to experiencing this. 

      Commonly, people don’t realize that they have caught this infectious illness. Many don’t realize it until they are forced into a situation where they must evaluate their feelings.  Society likes to pretend like they know the situation that someone is in when they are infected by this, but in reality, every story is different.  Also people are affected differently.  Some worse than others and some can get over the sickness quickly.  I’ve come to find that if you have truly been infected with it, then it has no cure.  I believe that if you found a cure then you were more than likely tainted by one of the similar diseases. 

        People are frequently found doing things that are out of their character after they catch “love”.  If the infected persons interfere with people that have not yet been infected, they will be misunderstood and their motives will most likely be questioned. 

         I never knew what people meant when they said “you will know it when you feel it” until I felt it for myself.  It is the most overwhelming yet wonderful feeling.  But I should warn you that if you don’t balance yourself, you’ll get even more sick and then it will become harmful.  If you are not careful and you let this illness get out of hand, it may start to affect other things.  For example, it could affect your daily moods, your relationship with other friends, or you may find yourself drifting away from being yourself.  The most important thing that will keep you stable once you’ve caught the love bug is to keep yourself grounded and never lose sight of reality.  It may be overwhelming, but done right, it can be beautiful.  And finally, never judge anyone else’s case of the love sickness because you never know when you’ll be finding yourself doing something stupid for love. 

8 years they’ve been together. Fresh out of college, they basically grew threw the important years together. It’s the 8 year anniversary on the weekend from their very original date and she has big plans. They are so in love with each other and happy. They brighten each other up. Since she is non-traditional, she planned something that would blow his mind. She took him on an all day date. It started early to watch the sunrise. Then after they relaxed on the beach for a little while, they headed to the early lunch reservations she had at a fancy place up town. After lunch she took him to her studio. They got in junky clothes and painted. Painted the canvas cloth on the floor, painted each other, painted everything without even trying. They were having a blast. She told him it’s time to get ready. They went back home to get cleaned up and dressy for the night they had ahead of them. He didn’t even know what he was in for. She took him for an even more fancy dinner on the town, then after that they had a nice romantic walk to the final touch of the evening. Before she gets to close she stops him and blind folds him. She told him to hold onto her that they’d be there soon. She got to where she was headed. Faced him so his back was to the surprise then untied the blindfold. As it fell to the floor she got his attention. She asked him to explain to her in the most open and honest way he could, what his true feelings were for her. After he said what he had to say she knew that the plan was still on. She started by telling him how in love she is with him and finally made one last statement: “keep facing this way until you hear me say NOW!” she nodded so she rushed behind him. Where her friends had been waiting to help her deliver the surprise. She yelled NOW! He turned around to see her on one knee with two rings in her hands with 4 people holding up signs that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” after a long moment of silence and much smiling, he finally said yes. She immediately busted out crying tears of joy and couldn’t stop smiling. She was so happy, not even words could describe. He was finally h e r s ღ

I’ve been waiting so long
I get tired of waiting.
Waiting ends
Chance is missed.
Now I’m pissed
So mad that I’m sad
Then what?
More waiting
Damn procrastinating
Baby I can’t do this for much longer
Pretending I’m stronger
Stronger than I can be
My heart:
Weak for you,
Weak for me.
I break down and cry
Till I wanna fly,
Touch the sky.
Be mine?
Baby I’m crazy for you
So madly In love with you
But nothings new.
You see what I mean
I just wanna be free
To be all me
Just with you.
Let’s run away
Just me and you
We can write our story
Our way, no worries!
Being lonely is my specialty
Guess that’s where I’m supposed to be
Love is lost
And I am still not found
Keep an eye on me
I’m getting out of hand
I stopped caring
Grades slippin’
Sipping drinks, hittin’ hits.
Forget the world
I want out of here
Run away with me to the Big City
Let’s go, let’s fly
Let’s be free
Come on baby just you and me
It’s not me,
It will be
Smack me
Into reality
Addicted to writing
Words on a page
Anything I can get my hands on
I’ll leave my mark
I’ve loved so long
It stained my heart
I’ll forget the rest
To have my happiness
We fell in love when we were young
When we had nothing to worry about
Were growin’ now
Getting to all kids of things
Same kids at heart
The flame still burning
Lemme get in the ‘Cedes and
Take me back to when times were perfect
Fairy tales and movie scenes
We had it all
I was his beauty
He was my beast
When we’re together,
It’s forget the rest
Just him and I in this world-war-test
I’m black and blue,
It’s this battle field.
You wouldn’t fight for me,
Like I’d fight for you.

My daydream♥

Just picture this:
Him and I, a beautiful night on the town. Dressed to kill with the stars substituting the spotlights. Walking down the streets, arms around each other, lost in the moment. Cheeks hurting from smiling, hearts beating a passionate love. We’re play fighting about our love for each other. “I’ll love you till the end of the world!” “I’ll love you until the last star ever burns out.” how can I prove this to him? I stop suddenly then my face lights up and I give him a look, directly in the eyes. My eyes are telling him I just came up with a brilliant idea. I can’t contain the excitement after this! With one quick aggressive move I grab his hand then start running toward the center to of the crowd. Dragging him along behind me, he’s confused. I take him to the middle of the circled group and stop him. With as much excitement as my body would allow me I started yelling “I LOVE YOU! YOU ARE EVERYTHING TO ME, I LOVE YOU! I AM MADLY ABSOLUTELY CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU!” After making my announcement I stopped, collected myself then stepped back to wait for his response. Within an instant I watched his face go from surprise to happy. He looked at me and gave me his most loving smile and spread his arms and motions for me to come to him. Instantly my face could light up the world, I ran into his arms. He lifted me and spun me around. Our lips locked and didn’t let go. Suddenly the crowd seemed to disappear, all that mattered now was him and I. The love in the air was so thick you could hardly break through it. The crowd was in awe of what they just witnessed. True love right in front of their eyes. He put me down then we stood there, forehead to forehead, knowing that this was it… ♥

Breaths, slow and steady.
Passion burning in my heart.
Water falling down my face
These things called tears.
Your body in my arms,
Memories of love in my heart.
I’ve loved and lost,
That means you.
I’m not a sight to see,
Or your first choice.
So what am I?
Perfect isn’t good enough.
Love is real.
What was a miraculous reality
Is now a never-ending hurt.
My love can never be settled,
I’ll never find another you.
It keeps on stingin’,
I’ll keep on fightin’,
‘Til its the last thing I do. ♥